Attack of the mist

>.> Im super allergic to perfumes and scented things but they are all around me here!!

T^T I just hope I don't slip and not take my pill or I'll have to face the wrath of my allergies.

Tyra tyra, Oh how i have mixed feelings about thee. I don't know if she annoys me more or if I actually enjoy watching her shows.

There can be both.

Ugh George Lopez has suuuuch a big head.

Its my friends birthday! ^_^

I only get excited about people I likes birthday so if yours doesnt excite me its because I hate chu!!

I wish I could keep a cute short hair style it would please me grately, but its like everyone is rocking shorty styles. >.>

I actually got a good night sleep!

I need to clean my fishes tank it looks gross. Yet still cleaner then when My Cousin took care of them for three days "/

I got so mad in my Psych Law class, when they were talking about animals and people pressing charges against animals and yada yada. The whole subject grinds my gears. *_*

There was this really cute....Guy in my class, cute hair cut, face w.e then I saw his Thumb!!! The Horror.

When did i become this weird person who has hang ups about peoples hands. People already know long nails bother me, but I take it to the next level seriously. I try and tell myself it doesn't matter, but fact is I think its CREEPY!!

I keep downloading these games the dash ones, what the s so much multi tasking. risking my stingy bandwidth limit. Honestly whats wrong with 2k a day, whats this week thing.

I really need to stop stalking my teachers glasses. "You can't have them! You'll just have to be conan all by yourself"

kids are funny.

Great my head hurts from the fumes >.> why juuu...

Im not sure about how im feeling between two people.

I miss my dogs...

need sleep later days.
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