Can you say repeat offender

Yeah so if I didn't think the first hundred fondles from my school were bad. They still find ways to violate me.

Because they are behind I can't start working for another week or two. They don't know. Because they haven't placed me yet. I say well the dean set me up with a job all I need is my papers. Uh Der whats that you say?

UGH fn morons.

useless fn morons.

I'm not meant to handle this level of stress. I'd rather just give up.

Only silver lining is that I stalk my math teachers glasses because they would be perfect for my Jimmy/Conan Costume T^T

Is this what I was suppose to be excited over?

So instead of my adhd holding me back, its my poorness. Some people have all the luck and then theres people like me who are disaster zones. And there is a huge difference from me and people who actually look for bad things to happen.

If I could have even just gotten a freaking loan Id be fine. but all my savings are gone. I don't like feeling this helpless.
And they keep doing shit with no regard for who gets hurt.

Then the ass ex like usual he has to say asinine things like hes all knowing, and nothing is ever suppose to bother people. The man who yells at machines because it wont let him pay for something or scan his groceries. "/

I hate people like that. So fn ignorant to others around them.

Because every one reacts positively to someone not taking their stressors seriously. Like oh itll be fine dont worry about it. thats just how things are. REALLY? because if everyone in my school was going through what I was going through Im pretty sure no one would ever go here. Or thered be a reporting of a mass of suicides, bank robberies something grand scale.

Am I the only one in my class with out my book? No, does that make me feel happier? No. Regardless of what some parties might think I actually do care about doing well, and don't like feeling lost in a class.

Do I think I'm the only one in the world facing problems with money and not knowing what to do day to day NO. but it doesn't mean Im going to feel less stressed about it, I'm not saying the world is against me, but do I think my situation is seriously fckd YES.

anxiety is anxiety.

and its really hard when I have people around me, that have money. Like my roommates dad is buying her a new laptop. She was telling me about how she has drivers at home. And When I say ive never had airconditioning or internet at home I get asked. Really? like its some kind of law that you everyone has to have these. or like its by choice.

who wouldnt feel envious, especially  at this particular moment.
And I don't have any friends or family here with me for support.

The human ways of doing things have me in despair.
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