Day after Move in

Day Two

I moved in Yay!

My poor fish had to suffer the ride down, they seem ok. I didn't cry, but had that sore feeling in my throat when one should be crying.  What is that any way? I have no idea where to put anything. Things are just where they are at this moment. Its weird having air conditioning, and internet that doesn't have its own band playing as it connects. 

I have three dorm mates, but one that I share a room with. She is from Nigeria and apparently they wanted her to come on seperate days for registering and such as well. WTHeck Rutgers, WTHeck. Thats just crazy I dare say.

I hate my new hair cut, scissor happy biotch. She did the linger around for a tip. >.< give me my hair back then we'll talk lady! I got complimented but a week from now it will be a hot tranny mess.

Oh great sirens already. My other roomy said that there was a shooting near my street last year. But one shooting in a yeah.

My poor roommate, my nose is running non-stop. Everything seems to echo lol, so I can't get away from it *_*, IM SORRY T^T!

I took a walk around the campus last night, I missed my free meal at stonsby ;_; , foofoo. Ended up getting subway, ugh the workers are uhm, how do you say, abrasive, and stingy with dressing. No pepper jack, I said "Ever?" he replies: ' No never'. Hmmpf

I am so broke, I wish I came from a better off family but alas I did not. So I'm going to really have to stick to my budget this year. Hopefully I can transfer b/c I really don't see my self being able to afford Rutgers Prices.

I haven't worried about the transfer from community to University yet, but My roommate asked me and now suddenly I'm spazzing out. Can I handle these class? I don't think I'm too dumb, just not enough discipline, my brain won't cooperate.

wish me luck!

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