Day Three: Topless volly ball :3

Day Three

reflecting on yesterday!

Ok, yeah, so my roomy also thinks our situation at Rutgers sucks, so I'm not just being one of those miserable people. This school is frustrating.

I told my mum to send me mucho Powerade and Mucho Poptarts. I ate at Stonsby and it was to say the least, lonely. I hate those situations where it feels like you are the only one in the entire would who at that point in time feels that extreme loneliness feeling!! Every single person I kid you not at the other tables (of course I sat alone), was sitting with at least one other person.

Its hard to be sociable and make friends when opportunities aren't given to you to meet people. People just don't seem very friendly or ready to make new friends, perhaps they have all their friends here. I dunno.

My room mate isn't using the meal plan so I will be dining alone for the most part it seems.

Finally got the internet working. They give you download limits and shish. Ugh. Like most people will follow it any way. Plus going to ask for help about getting it hooked up was a pain.

I'm like "No the page isnt coming up at all"

P1: Did you plug in the ether net cord, you have to plug in the ether cord

In my head: Gosh really? I had no idea.  >:/

Me out loud: No her computer isn't recognizing the net at all

P1: You can only go to this page then you have to register your computer.

Me out loud: *annoyed puff*

Roomy: Ok

ugh so annoying. like they weren't listening, its impossible to go to a web page with out  some kind of signal.

How did we solve internet problem we had the ether net cords plugged into the sockets that didnt have the little stickies with numbers on them.

Thanks helpers for nothing! Instead of assuming people are morons, you should think of details like that. Considering the even more helpful website doesn't even have instructions like that. Not to mention the Connection comes up as NCS, and the website tells you it should be RUwireless. gosh I just love this school!!

Best of all the plugs and such are on the other side of the room. how bogus is that. We each should have some on our sides. I of course am on the plug less side of the room. How lucky.

Majority of the workers in the stores around campus seem to be middle eastern i want to say but I am no good at figuring things like that out. Considering I dont know any of the languages, and they could be Asia's  Indians for all I know. But seriously Jersey people are not friendly.

And driving through the rough neighborhood saturday, I thought mean muggers were scary from the burgh but I dare say their hard knock faces have nothing on the ones here. Kowaii!!!

My sister was going to come see me but now she cant T^T.

Im really trying to be independent. But its hard, in this place. I kind of miss high school, its hard not to make friends in k-12. Like if you don't have friends in those years, you have to be extremely weird, or very good at repelling humans.

Is it so bad though? I should be focusing on my studies any way.

Gotta get my ID today, and my financial aid shish worked out, and want to check out the Gym as well!!

Oh one good thing about this school is the topless Volly ballers, and its finally not women being scandalous, Ah all those firm abs, I only misspelled four words :) love spell check so people don't know just how dumb I am. waha.

hmmm yeah....

later days


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