Down to the Wire

I got a cold, and its in the nasty snot phase, but anything is better then a sore throat, which im glad only lasted a night and one day *_*

I have to make my first payement before the 8th which is killing me softly. I hate borrowing money, but its like either I do or I cant go to school. Which would just put me in despair I already feel like a failure because I am so far behind other people in my class. I had a year head start in school, and I wasted it.

My bffs have offered to lend me money, made me cry. T^T I don't deserve you people. Shay is like well its not like you asked. I know but still its my pride. I'll just have to work hard and find a job for when I go home that I can do full time so I can save up enough to pay them back.

I should be working on my graduate degree @_@

Ugh Im just seriously stressed i wish some good fortune would find its way to me.  

What did i do to get all this bad juju

Im like well what if I cant make the payment on this date, shes like you make the payment or they cut your classes. so its doesnt matter how much money I have down so annoying. its not like I owe all of it only 5 out of 14 for this semester. then i have to go through this again next semester.

I need a freaking cosigner!!!!

Why do they make it so hard to get a secondary education. always increasing bills.


Next year i think I have no choice but to transfer.


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  1. fraglerock

    i hope you get well soon friend
    i hate having the cold or flu
    regards fraglerock

    September 04, 2009
    1. menacingprince

      Thank you! yes its like my fifth time this academic year having the flu or some form of cold

      September 04, 2009