Ok, had a mini feud with guess whom "/

its getting old, I already shun my eldest sister because I can't stand the constant bickering, its obnoxious.

I say apples, she must cant help but say oranges kind of things im hot oh but its cold. Seriously?...

Shes got offended out of the whole thing because I said she likes attention. ".

I said fine either you like attention or you really are just inconsiderate of how others feel.


yeah thats how I feel w.e

Saying the international club isnt exclusive. Uhm when only the international students know about it, and are informed of events and oh wait the friend of the international students know about ish then yes I'm sorry it is. Hey lets help internationals get more accustomed to America by having them seclude themselves.

Brilliant I say!!

Hey sororities arent exclusive either all races are invited to join '_'
(sees token walk by)


Maybe I'll truly end up with my own room *_* oh the wonderful sleep i shall get.

and whats with people and assuming someone else doesn't do something enough?

I know I'm not the only one who knows that everyone learns in their own way? And by age 21 I know what does and does not work for my own brain?...

So if I don't cram constantly thats bc it doesnt work for me. If I feel overwhelmed I will shut down and do nothing. So if I have to spread it out, do an hour take a break come back do a half hour. take a break, do an hour or maybe hour and a half or another half hour. who cares. in the end my grades literally only effect me, and if I have children then later if i go no where in life will affect them.

John goslings belly is gross lol

My brain is freaking fried!!!!!!!

I cant wait till flash forward, get my mind off of things.

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