Hey gays stop learnin that Sin

Ah yes but another.

Apparently we are taught to be straight, and gays learn to be well gay. They choose to sin. *shakes finger*


I warned her not to go down that path with me, and yet she ignored and so an argument was sure to follow.

An argument I might add that all I merely did was repeat what she said. And suddenly Her answer changed?

>.> Oh wait but shes open minded....

"Receptive to new and different ideas or the opinions of others"

That doesn't equal Ok you can be gay thats your opinion, Its understanding from the other point of view, simply "listening" (which listenting means hearing what the other person is saying and not formulating your own rebuttle after hearing one word)

But listening and trying to see it from anothers point of view. thats being open minded.

She claims to be so open minded yet, yesterday (oh i have many many other examples of her suuposed open mindedness) I was watching a j-drama and if you know any thing about japanese male celebs/reg folk the guys will wear make up or dress more femmine. She kept saying "hes weird" I'm use to seeing it so I was like what? She said hes wearing make up. I said So.

And if she was soooo right, why was she raising her voice and getting upset, for me just repeating what she was saying? "/

God made man and woman to have kids.

So I said what about the women who can't have kids?
What about people who are born not male or female?

Since being gay is wrong bc in her own words "its not normaaal"

Not having an ovaries isn't normal, Like someone outside your race on a large scale isn't normal. So I ask her why is it that some unnormal things are ok. But when it comes to gays suddenly its a sin?

According to the bible man was created in the image of god.

She says god isnt white.

ok, but say god was white, and the first man and woman he made were white.

they have white kids...

where do other races come in at?

they aren't normal and "learned" to be another race some how, so is that not a sin?

according to racist back in the day according to their interpretations of the bible this was so.

she says god made her black. So god didn't make people gay? no, you learn to be gay.

so I said ok.

How does a straight man learn to be straight?

Its what my religion tells me....

? is that an answer?


I truly love when people pretend to be open minded.

All this from an initial conversation about Prejean and her retardedness, bc my room mate said it was ok what she said bc it was her belief. I said yes shes entitled to her beliefs but when shes in the position she is in and alienates a group of people of course their will be a problem.

She said she didn't see how it alienated any one....Becuase republicans say the same thing so are they alienating people.

(" .)

So I explained it to her.

So if you and The guy she likes (whom is white) wanted to get married but some republican told you, you can't because  you are black, and he is white. You wouldn't think your rights were being violated?
(more went into explanation like kids and etc...)
She said ok I get that.

funny that....

Buuut she still insisted on taking the conversation to a is gay marriage right or not, then to whether gays choose to be or not conversation again after I warned her a head of time by saying

there is not point in continuing because you like prejean have the same opinion. and I do not agree.

You can't say she is wrong though..

uhm yes I can. lol you are saying being gay is wrong but I can't say someone with a prejudice is wrong?

and I kept reminding her that as a atheist that no matter how many biblical references she uses it won't sway me.

I don't think she really understands most things in life. its easier to pretend to I guess then to grasp actual reality.

what ever.

later days gotta go test.

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Comments (1)

  1. yadokta

    Sinning is cool God must just except it and move on. Get with the program god, he’s out of touch with the modern world. God has lost his cool. So again Sining is cool.

    Ya Dokta

    November 13, 2009
  2. suntinxion40

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