honey I have AIDS

This nasty chick in my discussion said she knows a guy who is married and hes gay and sells himself, and got aids. but he hasnt told his wife and they have had a kid, so the wife and kid could have aids, and this girl who is telling me is saying how messed up it is, and im like...And you havent reported him?

Am I the only one who seriously thinks shes just as fd up as the guy is?

Things like "not wanting to meddle" when it comes to someone spreading a deadly disease is exactly why AIDS has plagued us the way it has. Its not like hes beating her, and the cops have to wait for her to be ready, its against the law to sleep with people knowing you have the disease its like killing someone.


Humans, I'll never understand

and my roommate said its none of the girls business or its not her place?

whoms place is it then?

Id sure like to see karma come back and smack people like this in the face, then I'll say "Oh goodness its none of my business to say anything"

what the heck kind of response is that.

AIDS is serious business. Why do people take it so lightly.


whether what she was saying was honest or not, the whole Idea that people rather "mind their own" in situation like this. You sure don't mind gossiping about things to strangers but you can't go to an officer and say hey theres this guy I know spreading AIDS about.


I was completely disgusted. erm but even if her story wasnt true, I'm sure it is happening. And ninnies are sitting back watching it happen.

There is prevention for AIDS but if we don't listen what can scientist do? I mean we still haven't even found a cure for the common cold.

Any way I told her she is part of the problem, because people like her are helping the spread of AIDS, every one in my group looked at me, uhm it needed to be said. Dont brag about knowing something like that and then say Oh by the way I havent said anything still.

and the twangs in my group are all morons any way why do I keep sitting at that table. I always end up having to explain things to them.

The vaccine is like a live virus in the person....LIKE LIKE LIKE, can you get a clue.

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  1. Munkyman

    nope, anyone who has or knows someone who has AIDS & doesn’t warn the carrier’s partners is not just eFF’d up but ranging into evil.

    October 13, 2009
    1. menacingprince

      Yes I full heartedly agree!! Its disgusting.

      October 14, 2009
      1. Munkyman

        The woman is bad enough but, the man with the disease is basically a murderer committing assault with a deadly weapon every time he has sex without disclosing his condition with or w/o protection.

        October 14, 2009
        1. menacingprince

          Exactly, I dunno whats wrong with people these days, everyone wants to look the other way, but would be pissed if someone didn’t help them out.

          October 15, 2009
  2. WalkinOnSunshine

    There is no way I would NOT tell the wife!! I would absolutely let ANYONE that could have AIDS know about it regardless if it breaks up a marriage or not. People’s lives are on the line here. If I can prevent a death from occuring, then yes…I’ll report the person AND tell the spouse/girfriend/boyfriend.

    Knowing someone is spreading a disease to another, and not letting the person know..is close to being an accessory to a crime…not really, but almost, and I couldn’t live with myself knowing that someone could be infected with a deadly disease, and not tell them..it would eat me up inside.


    October 13, 2009
    1. menacingprince

      Yes thats how I feel, especially when she goes and has a kid with the guy, that baby didn’t do anything to anyone to deserve that. I’m glad to know Im not the only one who thinks this way.

      October 14, 2009