Is dating a specific race worth your sanity?

Is dating a specific race really and truly worth ones sanity.

I mosied by Asian ave, and decided to see how the blasian group was doing. Alas, same desperate men and women. The men don't bother me as much as the women.

I personally can't stand anyone who puts a certain race on a pedal stool. Even more so when one is in denial about doing so.

These women actually want to be in a am/bw relationship so bad that they begin to make exscuses for their abusers. Honestly? Yes Honestly.

Go there and see for yourself.

I got in to a lot of fights on that forum because sometimes I let them get the best of me and can't help but say something.

Its no secret in the world that Black Women are not favored among the human species. If you don't believe me try being a black woman. Then we'll talk. So you ask if you dont like pedal stools why join these groups made for specific races, uhm? didnt you read the before mentioned statements, its hard for a black woman. If I am in a group with all races I get ignored. Even go to dating sites where they let people specify the races they are looking for 95% of them leave out black women. "/ Unless I'm light skinned with long hair and scandoulous picture I will be ignored, rated poorly etc... Hence Im in groups like bw/wm bw/lm bw/am men who love bw... ^_^

I hate when people make exscuses for racist people. there is no exscuse. I don't care if other countries just go on the perception the white man put out about blacks. Are the views on your race accurate that the white man put out? No, then you have no real exscuse to claim "I don't know any better"

Its because you don't want to.

Humans are not robots, we have this thing called free will, so even if we are programmed at birth to think a certain way, our bodies have these brains that give us the ability to think out side that programming, if one is brave enough to do so.

Racism: Thinking your own race is better then anothers.

Yes this includes: Preferring your son/daughter to date inside their own race, thinking a certain race isn't worthy of said son or daughter.

Black girls listening and actually believing guys when they say, my parents aren't racist, they just want me to be with _{insert race here}_. Hey douche that means your parents are racist, I don't care how wholesome they act with you and other people like you, point is they are bonafide racist and you shouldnt help them pass it to the next generation. DUH.

And is that family love? Dictating, selfishly controlling ones happiness? Is that ok for culture?

Is it ok to abuse someone for the sake of culture?

Is it ok to let your family treat someone like dirt because you can't man up and admit you love that person.

ugh makes me sick thinking about it.

Race, religion, social class, sexuality, taste in music doesnt determine good or bad.

Im all about free love. as long as you aren't hurting anyone in the process.

I have so many opinions on this subject that I could write a series of novels on it. I have never heard a good response that would make me actually say oh I get it, that makes sense. feel free to try though.

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