It's my mouth and I'll curse if I want to :D

Really, thats just how I feel about it.

I don't see the difference in me going a round about way to say something simple.

I tried to be nice and keep it to a minimum, with occasional slip when she annoys me. But honestly you don't respect things that bother me, then why the deuce should I care?? "/

she mustve not have gotten the hint when she said "oh she curses a lot" <--prude "Yeah I do to" <--me

"No I mean like every sentence"

"Yeah so do I"

its not like bragging about it, i dont do it to be "cool" or what ever I genuinely dont care, its like she says basically and like seriously every sentence, and my word of choice happens to be "vulgar"

cry me a river, people are such tight wads.

honestly if your that fragile then find a rock and go live under it, itll make the rest of us happy.

Most people don't even know why it offends them. In most cases its meant to be offensive in the first place so why would I really care? if i say stfu that means your annoying me and i want you to like seriously shut up.

double standard twat.

>.<<br />
Stop complaining about s, if you don't want to own up to your own. Like seriously, basically you are annoying and like seriously you if your going to do something then basically don't complain about it, basically.

If you could talk to her, then say hey you just did that, no basically I didn't and its not the same thing. for everrrrry thing.

like today she was complaining she had a hole in her slipper, saying it mustve been the mouse "/

i said no its because you drag your feet

No I don't , thats a disgusting habit, and I would never walk that way.


she walks *scuffle scuffle*

ok so maybe I do a little, and blah blah blah blah....

STFU nothing needs to be that detailed.

I told her she just talks to hear herself talk. and when im feeling annoyed already its twice as annoying.

Its patronizing, like she thinks people are so stupid that they can't understand the simplest things.

You don't like me cursing fine then if i ask you something i dont want long explanations.

fine you don't want to talk to me.

"/ is that the same thing? ok if thats what you want.

blah blah blah, im like shut up you said you werent going to talk any more then stfu...

she needed to have a ten minute explanation saying she wasn't going to talk to me any more, uhm that a bit more effective when you go silent '_'

and she normally hangs out with people older then her? i wouldn't want to meet these people. shes obnoxious, let alone people older then her acting 12 too.
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