Mommy Dearest

Ok so had squabble with roomy, shocking right "/

I said her ankles are wide. She says they are, and I don't need to point it out all the time "/

uhm first time. I tease her about her feet being thick, because they are wicked manly. And i only say it out loud when she says laughing why are you looking at my feet, whether I actually was or not. again reflecting her own insecurities on to another.

But again jokingly.

And she flips out about her ankles insisting I always bring them up. I say when was the last time. I don't remember she says. Perhaps because it never happened.

Then said when I have kids I can't say things like that. WTF? Uhm dumb*ss I can say what the f*ck I want.

Just because your moms puts you down all the time doesn't mean I got that to do.

Even if I said she has dark skin she goes into long explanation about her mom being light skin, like annnnd? Whats wrong with having dark skin. My mom always told me the darker the berry the sweeter the juice "3

All this anger from her own insecurities. I never once said oh your dark skin is bad. Or having wide ankles was bad.

Yet she can tell me that I should get a relaxer. Because my natural hair just ain't cuttin it "/

Or just the simple fact every time I curse she has something to say, or if I do this or that she complains. But Darwin forbid I say you have wide ankles.


Immature people annoy the fuck out of me.

I seriously hate petty bickering.

And I don't let people talk stupid for the sake of being stupid. So saying just don't say anything back ain't cutting it, I'll always defend my position *shrug*

But misplacing your anger toward me is just going to get your feelings hurt even more. Because I am that bitch that doesn't care if people say I take shit too far. I'm not going to pat stupid people on the back and let them think they are anything less "/

so annoyed.

go yell at your mom or shut the f*ck up.

Like its not obvious to people I could give a f*ck off what they look like or wear, but I'm going to go out my way to diss wide ankles? "/

Now not saying I find wide ankles to be a positive thing on a female but I could careless if someone has em or not.

I'm pretty much apathetic to most things. Like when people ask me how their hair looks or what they are wearing I always say "it looks good" or "I dunno looks normal to me"

Always saying what the f*ck people should or shouldn't say or do, b you can be a grandma if you want to I prefer to live life. Ugh just one day id love to smack the sh*t out of her.

I feel bad for her future kids. or the people who have to encounter her future kids if they turn out like her. >.>

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