morbid Prince Strikes again


Big red strikes again, no wonder I always feel so depressed, it makes me so. and it comes often. I try to eat chocolate (bleh) to counter it, but maybe i really just need meds, not like I can afford them any way.

I know I'm feeling suicidal because of my imbalance, but it doesn't keep me from googling local bridges. "/

Im super home sick, I miss my dogs, grandparents, friends. Even my mum.

I dunno if I should be at lab or not, this whole process is confusing to me.

I want to read my lab before I go though. And Now Im thinking the book would be nice to have, but only because I don't know whats in each chapter. What makes people here so violent and unfriendly. Should I stop drinking the water? Ive been here a month and haven't met anyone.

I don't like when guys are fickle and play games. Things can't just be, I like a clear definition. Why? Because im human, a clear path makes life less stressful, and I honestly don't need more stress. Maybe I should just ignore him. Though I like him.


Richard isn't make things any less difficult, I could punch him.

I can't even watch anime with this stupid bandwidth crap, what if nothing to cheer someone up then cartoons.


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