People of walmart pfft

My friend just showed me the website, so funny.

I just tried to nap but my dorm is notorious for being a non sleeping zone.

>.> fufu fufu

I didn't to anime meeting today, I think my eyes been twitching enough as is.

Exams still, its like every week  event with this place, leave ma po Brain a lone!!!

I found a new website to take my attention for a bit, and I'm back crunch-in :D, well not really just pilfing some toonage.

Saw a roach in the bathroom, theeeere back...

my room mate saw a rat in the stairwell. Apparently they are just around in the building, nothing like infestation to go with expensive rent "/, maybe its to pick up the rodent, and Blattidae tabs yummmmy

The mask is a hilarious movie (original @_@)

I told Africa that she has a white hair complex, she said no I don't. I said name black peoples hair that you like. Gabrielle Union, Keke Palmer, Tia Mowry.... after each name I said "Because its close to white peoples texture"

Her reply

"Well I like good hair"

Whats your definition of good hair.

"I just don't like my froish African hair"

"I like something that looks easy to handle, and is nice"

@_@ white hair complex.

And people don't understand why there are angry black women like me who get pissed off when a Character gets changed from black girl to a monkey girl. that's why there are so many black women trying to be as "white" as they can to appeal to people. Then people who are naturally not typical black person I get called a wannabe. I don't wanna be anything. I am what I am. I like my hair when its poofy, and free. It feels great!!!!

Screw everyone else. When people laugh at my hair, I say "its just hair" because I honestly and truly don't care. I only got a relaxer because my hair is thick and hard to get into a pony tail. relaxed its still has enough volume but i can get a hair thing on with out it popping.

I don't always lotion every inch of my body, sometimes I don't at all,  if I'm ashy oh well, its not the end of the world. if I'm walking around my own house why cant I have a little here or there. Just because you see it better on me doesn't make me any different that I'm lazy to lotion up.

ughhhh. humans are so slow at progression.

Heck even from just a female perspective, some times I don't feel like shaving, its a hassle huh. Why do I have to be a naked mole rat. I'm an animal who has gone through puberty I'm going to have hair, everywhere!! some places more noticeable then others hmmpf.

Ive just been cranky. I still hope that stupid Cirque du freak movie did horrible. Racist people...*grumbles*

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