RealityTV take over

What happened to sitcoms, and other dramas? Now even actors are playing fake reality stars. Modern Family, The office are just two.

But I thought just having regular reality shows out shining the art of theater was bad but now stations are getting so desperate that they are making actors/actresses play reality stars.

I miss old tv.

I'm glad there are still regualr tv shows on.

Not saying modern family and the office are bad shows at all, but I like fiction now and then.

Dunno, just how obsessed people get with these people, Like Jon and Kate? Every one is all in the biz, I'm like enough already who cares who is right or wrong. Especially things like real world, where people have expectations of getting fame from appearing on these shows, so can you trust reactions, and how things are played out in so called "reality"

Ever see "reality hell" awesome show, looove it, they basically pretend people are on a reality show, and you can just see what freaks people can be. >.>


later days

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  1. WalkinOnSunshine

    I hate to say it but I’m a reality show junkie. I see waaaaaaay too many of those then I need to. But I like Three Rivers and Flash Forward that started about 3 weeks ago…and Son of Anarchy.


    October 17, 2009
    1. menacingprince

      I always end up watching them, they are train wrecks, its hard not to. lol, not as much as everyone else though, especially the mtv ones, with rich people I get too envious.

      OOH I looove flash forward!!!! Its what I look forward to watching every week now!! I’m so curious for each new episode lol.

      October 18, 2009