Semi Productive

I had a semi productive weekend.

I actually started my Quiz, I haven't studied, I downloaded Spongebob Monopoly, and haven't gone over my bandwidth.

We do indeed have critters roaming in our bathroom >.>, Titi killed one, but alas another sprinted away from me at 6am....

I just love this awesome city.

I'm conflicted about a lot of things atm, but Im kind of pretending such things don't exist. What do they call that withdrawing from reality?


I'm so bored its almost 12, and roomy is still sleep she missed church...

I have been getting way more sleep since I yelled. This isn't such a good pattern if people keep straightening out after I yell at them it might become common practice. Though it is ones fault for driving on to do so ne?

My poor friend is suffering at work, grrr I really don't miss that job, just the animals.

Id really like to start working here freaking lame school, inconsiderate. What am I going to start working in like freaking october? >.> d-bags....

Titi and i keep going to check at the laudry mat for that guy who was there last time, the other workers always look at us like UHm??? can we help you LOL, NO you cant lol

I talk about Mr. too much so, i shall try and practice the art...of um not?

w.e.... I wish the jumping spiders would migrate to the bath room and eat those other critters hmmm sounds like a google search "Do jumpers eat roaches?"

My roomy keeps saying we should get draino, I said I'm not paying for it when its not my hair clogging the drain >.>

later days

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