Send me Rations!

Why does food disappear so much, maybe I shouldnt have fought my mom on packing me more food and things, whod have known I needed it *_* <----didn't learn a lesson when she should have...

I got attacked by a ninja spider, but alas he did not make it past the asprin bottle *evil laugh*

sorry buggy it was my fear that cost you your life. RIP

I always feel a little sad when I kill bugs. Maybe I am one of those extremist animal rights ppl. but my fear of bugs keeps me from feeling pity. @_@ thats cruel.

I want to see trueblood the mix with Eric and Godrick YUMMMY, I know they killed him off because of talk of their gayness. And whats with the constant need to make the OLDEST vampires like 20 seriously. we get it vampires don't age whoppi.

I met this guy at the laundrumat and asked him WHAT IS THERE TO DO HERE. He said Nothing. But if you catch the train to New york its only like 1.50 and twenty min away. SERIOUS!!!!

I did my laundry and what a rip off why do I have to pay three bucks just to wash one small load. hmmpf. not like they give me detergent. I'm all out of rations. just about. SEnd me more!!! I command you.

fine stingy people don't

I keep coughing up green goo, so my cold must be in its final stages :f

if ever in need of good yet cheap go equate products!!! 9 stars!

I need a cable cord man, i cant handle flip flopping of channels especially when im watching something ugh.

adults are meant to have their own privacy, i dont think I can handle this for a year man. But I'm doing it for the animals....

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  1. swandown

    Haha, you poor starving child. I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

    I wanted to watch Trueblood, but its on HBho and I dun get that channel.


    PS. I made one of these thingers.

    September 07, 2009
    1. menacingprince

      I know I see glomps!!!!

      I download it now that Im away from home!!!

      Oh Pure: true blood is a way awesome vampire series!!!! uhm. uhm. and mind readers,and shape shifters, and werewolves, and demon people. _ and the best Lafayette <——hilarious bad ass character!!! You should download it on mininova!!!! like me.
      Since I can’t pilf it from my grands anymore :/

      oh yeah i gotta send you my new addy any way!!! since Ill be bored more Ill be mailing stuff if I find a post office _

      September 07, 2009
      1. swandown

        Have you read any of Kelley Armstrong’s books? Homygosh. She writes about women of the otherworld. Werewolves, witches, necromansters, vamps. She’s really good. Def my favorite author for the good vamp trash.

        ps, I suck at the captcha things. sigh

        September 07, 2009
        1. menacingprince

          Nope never heard of her. You heard of Amelia at water-rhodes? she was my favorite when I was younger

          September 07, 2009
  2. swandown

    Nooo..have to check her out.

    Do you have a shelfari? <a href="">this is mine</a>

    September 07, 2009
    1. menacingprince

      How do you find so many of these!

      September 08, 2009
      1. swandown

        I have too much time on my hands, lol.

        September 08, 2009