I got a turtle!! I named him Squirt ^_^.

He's really cute!!! I need to get a heat lamp for him though T^T so he can live long and prosper!!!

and I just remembered tonight is Big Bang Theory night!! *woot*

I was super bummed yesterday after my friend left. Made me realize how much I miss my home.

I didn't get much of any sleep last night, so was super hard to stay awake, then I found out I had a quiz in my anthro class that I didn't study for "/

There are some nasty happenings at this suite and I'm an eye twitch away from saying whats on my mind.

My tv cord is to short, so I still can't hook my tv up >.> why do they only have one in the room anyway. So lame.

its like they want people to get pissed at each other.

I missed svu last week.

I freaking love flash forward!!

Im looking for a pokemon game to download. i shouldve brought my game boy.

Still havent heard from my lame school about work study wts. I still better get it.

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  1. thimandind1985

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    March 09, 2017