Squirtle Squirtle


Squirt and I like watching tv together, I freaking loooove flash forward!


Titi exaggerated about her mum, she was a nice lady. Really quite, unlike my roomy *shakes fist*

I think squirt is getting shell rot, but I finally got him to eat something. So hopefully its early enough to clear up T^T. If I wasnt a poor mommy hed have nice diggs.

My mom said im not bringing him home, but she will be persuaded, she said I couldnt have anymore fish either, yet I had four :3

I finally got my work study papers and ish filled out and what not. Finally. And my perkins note finally.

Why do people seem to straighten up when they talk to mothers? Im just as bitchy as my mum, and yet they push me around. It has to be my kid looks, but they cant see my mum over the phone. Thoough I sound like a kid when on the phone. what evs

Cho is sooo hot on flash forward. And the fake cho from the mentalist.

Ok I admit these days majority of my crushes are asian but I still get offended to be put in same category as the BAPs....


why do they have to try and kill cho off? or should i say Noh *giggles school girlishly*


I got woken up at 6 this morning....and i have no class....@_@'''

im hungry but i need to starve myself for a week. i need to go back to my pre summer weight. why does five pounds make such a big difference on me.

Ive been going to more "event" things, and really enjoying being able to watch my shows helping with my mood.


I had such a weird dream....really weird...and it was interrupted before I could make sense of it!!

damn you long footed!!!
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