People really do kill off relatives for exscuses....

This girl comes in to class a half hour late, then the "teacher" ask her if she has her assignment, and she says "My grandmother just passed yesterday so I haven't gotten anything" My teacher not missing a beat says, "Its three weeks in to classes, you should have gotten the article by now"

Like dummy if you are going to use that as an exscuse you should have said a week ago or something, but even then it wouldnt be plausible considering in the first week we were told about the assignment if she bothered to show up to any of the lectures.

I had a good day though, but was shocked, like then during class the chicky wasn't acting like her grammy just died, and why would she be the one taking care of the funeral arrangements. "/ hard to believe.


Gram, Granda no worries I won't kill you off because I've been lazy.

I am soooo freaking stoked I actually found my book online, bless this persons soul, I was so worried about my test tomorrow since I wasnt able to do the readings, since I dont have my book. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!

I seriously want straight A's I doubt I will only bc I seriously suck at math. Nothing sticks, it refuses to stay in my long term memory.

ok, going to go read my newly found book!!!! *Woot*
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Comments (1)

  1. clovercover

    "Gram, Granda no worries I won’t kill you off because I’ve been lazy."

    LOL THAT was terrific! Enjoy your new book and good luck in math!

    September 15, 2009
    1. menacingprince

      _ thank you!

      September 15, 2009
  2. swilifewouse1951

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    March 15, 2017