The way we were ha.

Its sunday.

I did get some studying done, and like 2/3rds of my test.

My brain will be fried by the end of the week.

I feel nauseous, ugh...I shouldve said no to him, but its hard for me to. *thinks about nice abs*

Darn you hormones!

I have decided amongst myself that, I dont really feel anything for him, but I do like making out with him, even though its not like that rush feeling when you like like someone?...

I went with my room roommate for her "Hair consultation", the stylist was pretty much useless in getting her closer to what hair style she wants, she was like one of those lazy ignorant oss bar tenders, who could recommend if they wanted but don't. FU I say.

I'll take my monies else where.

But Im like your rich and your mum is willing to pay 80 so I'd do it. Nothing like a cheap rich person.

Mr. was like I wonder what you say about me behind my back.

Uhm, this is lain we are talking about, chances are if im saying to someone else I've already said it to you, and if not the right set up hasnt arrived but it will come. I'm a firm believer in if i can't say it to your face then write it in a diary

Because ppl are sob, who will at first chance turn their back on you, so i like people to get the words from me directly instead of exaggerated second hand.

don't you know second hand smoke is dangerous!!!!

I think I'll be working in the schools game room for at least one day out of the week.

I have Anthro exam, math exam, and bio exam this week.

forget me not

stupid word game, i hate chu!!!

right I don't know where this is going,  squirt is so cute when he is eating. China town turtles rock!!! (do ppl still say that? lol well I do maha!)

Oh and why do ppl like to kiss you when they first wake up? T^T I throw up easliy lol
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