Weekend woes

I Dressed up four times! I walked all around new wark when all I had to do was take the straight path!!!


I ran around the table in the living room, and I can't even remember why, I danced in front of the mirror singing rob thomas songs, I peeked outside my door heard voices and ran back inside.

Jersey is like where people come to die isnt it? it seems so squaller

is that a word? Im sure im using it wrong.

I watch my fish running around in their bowl so cute!!!

I need to do laundry but Im so shy. But I came here to be more independent! So I must branch off. Oh but why why I say!

Whats wrong with being a hermit crab they aint neva hurt no body!

My room is already kind of messy. I wonder what my future home will be like. I think I need a big area to put all of my things and places to put them. so I can be organized. I like organization but its hard to be with limit space.

I actually ate left overs *_*, it was a grand feat. It was hard to, but once I took those first couple of bits it became easier. Who knew food can still be eaten after being put in the fridge! I even put it in the micro wave, I did it out of shear desperation

Darn you stingy bandwidth!!!

Some people can be so full of themselves. I say I miss you and they are all like. Oh we cant get back together. You arent happy with me. WHOA back up. Who said all that. yeesh. you should go to theraoy to deflate that fat head! XP

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  1. menacingprince

    lol they zoom around in that little space the big one chasing the little one :3

    September 07, 2009