Weekenders and the visitor

:D was my favorite show....

I feel crazy sick this morning, I feel nausea. There is a little visitor that doth present itself when the lights go on, and scurries away. >.> if its the same one I saw before then its gotten bigger. T^T

Some kind of beetle, dunno which species.

My other roomies are gone for the weekend. Just Titi and I to be bored. not that we do much of anything any way, I spent whole afternoon and night with Mr... and she spent her night with M

Mr. and I took a nap together so I didn't go to bed until late, but I woke up early again.

I also found out this d-bag school is stingy, my roommate has soft mattress I have one with springs what the s.

I shouldve gotten here an hour earlier. Id have beaten her "/

Well we at least have one friend here "/

I'm kind of afraid to go into the bathroom...but those things don't come out during the day.

I think its all the moisture the bathroom floor gets, what be attracting that bugga...

I have a take home quiz to do, plus I really should study!!! My brain won't let me do either. I can will it to all I want. But it is a brain and will do what it wants.

I have to dissect thee pig tuesday, but now more interested in the roach, he said they use to let people do it while they were alive but the teacher froze them to death this time. Id feel sadder if I wasnt creeped out so much by them.

I downloaded the game of life thinking Id be getting away from those damn dash games....no they turned the blasted thing into a dash game. now I must beat it or how will I sleep?

Mr showed me a video and he thought it was funny but I was offended, and that doesn't happen very often. (why must I lie)

No seriously it doesn't but, its Japanese video

just watch ten seconds of it...

I wasn't pissed at him or anything.

My mum has facebook, my cousins, if I see my gram on it I'll seriously delete my account and never look back.

I need to feed my fish plus this is drab and boring.

Oh my roomies mom is coming to visit she said she is worried, because her mom can be mean and say things to hurt peoples feelings if she thinks they do something wrong, or w.e

I said I don't really care, because how ever much someones mom can be a b, my mom can be the same way only I have a feeling not as much, but my mum isn't afraid to go to jail protecting my sister and I "/ in the extreme case...plus shes just crazy in general. And I wouldn't care, Id just say politely I'm not your child, plus when it comes  to friends parents somethings are just better left to roll off .

I still feel bad for allens mom if my mother and her ever cross paths. Though Id sure like to pay to set it up... I should wake my roomy soon...

our "apt" is filthy. Since my mum did the first full cleaning do that mean I get to skip the next one? I already take the trash out "/

later days

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  1. puck

    you will be fine – love puck

    September 19, 2009
  2. menacingprince

    yeah i just realized the brown stuff in the bathroom is roach bait or poison what have u. lol. ugh.

    September 19, 2009